Beatle Web is dedicated to all those fans of THE BEATLES  whose hobby is design , painting , sculpture or any other kind of art. Here I try to show a wide range of examples of my own work and that of other non-professional artists which is cool and which relates to the theme of  THE BEATLES. So to all Beatle fans and other visitors, may I wish you an enjoyable visit to Beatle Web...

    Beatle Web contains no music, photos or videos of THE BEATLES, but there are plenty of other websites which do have them, as I'm sure you are aware. Here you will find original art by myself and other artists, which relates to THE BEATLES, and also, as a free gift, THE BEATLES' STORY IN COMIC strip.

comic.jpg (4838 bytes) Don't miss this comic strip series, totally free of charge. Now it's available also in francaise language by Michel Laverdiere courtesy.

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 I have divided all my work into the followings categories:  

dibujo.jpg (1509 bytes) DRAWING:    All work in pencil, charcoal, indian ink etc.
pintura.jpg (1579 bytes) PAINTING:    All work in coloured paint, watercolours, oils etc.
escultur.jpg (1339 bytes) SCULPTURE:    Any kind of sculpture.
cyberart.jpg (1384 bytes) CYBER-ART:    All work produced on a PC with a graphics program or with some 3D modelling tools.


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qm.jpg (7348 bytes) Articles from The Quarrymen official web site that you must have if you are an authentic Beatles fan environment. Adquire them!


mencion.jpg (4897 bytes) MENTIONS: Mentions done to Beatle Web from its creation.
oartist.jpg (1591 bytes) OTHER ARTISTS: All work done by other amateur artists.
joyas.jpg (1385 bytes) JEWELS: Illustrations signed by personalities into Beatles environment.
preg.jpg (1782 bytes) QUESTIONS: Answers to many questions sent in to Beatle Web.
links.jpg (2895 bytes) LINKS: Links to other interesting Beatle pages.
fotos.jpg (2329 bytes) PHOTOS: Photos about of personalities into Beatles environment.
DONATIONS: Voluntaries donations to this web site.
VIDEO: Video introduction to the comic strip.
   If you have produced something in a non-professional capacity which relates to the content of Beatle Web, please don't hesitate to send a photo of it to my email address, telling me if you want your own name and email address to be displayed. 
     I reserve the right to include only those items which I consider fit in to Beatle Web.