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Synopsis chapter 1: THE DREAM.
The Rock & Roll is born and later the skiffle.
John Lennon, Influenced for this event, starts to play the guitar.
Julia Lennon's son, he remains into the care of his aunt Mimi Smith.
He forms his own group, The Blackjacks with Eric Griffiths, Pete Shoton and Bill Smith.
Rod Davis joins to the group.
They change their name to The Quarrymen.
Bill Smith is replaced by Len Garry and Colin Hanton joins to the group as drummer.
Nigel Walley, John Lennon’s friend, becomes The Quarrymen manager.
Paul McCartney is introduced to John Lennon by Ivan Vaughan.
Rod Davis is replaced by Paul McCartney.
Pete Shoton leaves the group.

Synopsis chapter 2: THE AMBITION.
Len Garry leaves the group after a serious illness.
George Harrison is introduced to John Lennon by Paul McCartney.
Eric Griffiths is replaced by George Harrison.
John Duff Lowe joins to the group playing the piano.
They Record one acetate in Percy Phillips' studio.
Julia Lennon die.
John Duff Lowe, Nigel Walley and Colin Hanton leave the group.
George Harrison plays with Ken Brown in The Les Stewart Quartet.

Synopsis chapter 3: THE DETERMINATION.
Bill Harry, John Lennon’s friend, introduces him to Stuart Sutcliffe.
John Lennon and Paul McCartney form the Nerk Twins duo.
They start to play with Ken Brown in The Casbah.
Ken Brown is ejected of the group.
Now the group is formed by John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison.
They change their name by Johny and the Moondogs.
John Lennon persuade to Stuart Sutcliffe to buy a bass.
Stuart Sutcliffe joins to The Quarrymen.

Synopsis chapter 4: THE CHALLENGE.
They meet to Allan Williams in the Jacaranda.
Allan Williams is the new manager of the group.
They change their name by The Beatals.
Tommy Moore joins to the group as drummer.
They change their name by The Silver Beetles.
They make a Scotland tour.
Tommy Moore leaves the group.
Norman Chapman is the new drummer of the group.
They play with Norman Chapaman in someone club of Liverpool.
Norman Chapman leaves the group.
Pete Best joins to the group as drummer.

Synopsis chapter 5: THE APPRENTICESHIP.
They change their name by The Silver Beatles.
They make their first Hamburg tour.
They play in several clubs of Hamburg.
They meet to Astrid Kirchherr, Klaus Voorman and Jürgen Voolmer.
They change their name by The Beatles.
Astrid Kirchherr makes the first The Beatles’ photos.
Stuart Sutcliffe remains in Hamburgo with Astrid Kirchherr.

Synopsis chapter 6: THE CONQUEST.
Chas Newby joins to the group as a provisional bass player of The Beatles.
Paul McCartney starts to play the bass.
They make their second Hamburg tour.
Stuart Sutcliffe cut himself his hair in a fringe.
Paul McCartney buys one bass in Hamburg.
They meet to Tony Sheridan and record a record with him to the Polydor Company.
Allan Williams isn’t the manager of the group anymore.
George Harrison cut himself his hair in a fringe.

Synopsis chapter 7: THE IMPACT.
John Lennon and Paul McCartney journey to Paris to meet their friend Jürgen Voolmer.
Jürgen Voolmer cut their hair in a fringe.
They meet to Brian Epstein wich become the group manager.
They play in “operation big bit”concerts promoted by Sam Leach.
They record for Decca into an audition, several songs.
The Beatles is rejected by Decca.
Stuart Sutcliffe die because of brain paralisis.
They make their third Hamburg tour.
They play in the Star Club in its opening day.
George Martin get ready an audition to their return.

Synopsis chapter 8: THE SUCCESS.
They play in the Star Club with Roy Young.
They record two more songs for Polydor with Roy Young playing the piano without main voice.
They know to George Martin and record 4 songs in EMI.
Tony Sheridan record the main voice in sweet Georgia Brown.

They are contrated for Parlophone
Cynthia Powell is pregnant.
They change to Pete Best for Ringo Starr.
John Lennon is married with Cynthia Powell.
Granada TV record them in The Cavern.
They record their first single for Parlophone.
They make their fourth Hamburgo tour.
They record please please me.

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